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What You Need to Know About Web Monetization

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·Feb 19, 2021·

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What You Need to Know About Web Monetization

Web Monetization

The term is exactly as it sounds, monetizing the web! but what that term doesn't explain is the fact that it's also protecting your privacy, protecting your data, saving your time, and also distributing payment seamlessly using open-protocol. Ohh I shouldn't bring in the boring stuff from now, I'll keep things basic, and in another article, I'll talk about the web monetization API and others. See it like this, the future of the Web is faster, little or no more annoying on-click redirection in websites, content creators can accept streamed payments from all over the world without worrying about the location, currency, or conversation rate of their users. You can set up Web Monetization both as a creator and a user.


Web Monetization as a user So you want to have a feel of what Web Monetization is all about as a user? Here's a quick guide to help you out.


visit and sign up. Go to settings and enter the "Membership" card. Add your credit card and subscribe, it's $5.

Download the extension for whichever browser of your choice.

Web Monetization as a Creator

images (1).jpg Register as a creator on Coil here

The next thing is getting you a payment pointer, you can get a payment pointer from tons of wallet providers. For example, click here or visit and sign up to get a payment pointer.

Next is to get your payment pointer. You don't need to have Membership subscription to monetize your contents and for other people to pay for viewing your content but you'll need a membership subscription to pay other people for Viewing their content, so have a subscription to support others too as they are supporting you.

New to Web Monetization?

Follow this simple guide to monetize your content:

Open a free coil account here as a creator.

Get your payment pointer from uphold or GateHub( register on uphold or gatehub to get a payment pointer) and add it to your coil account. Follow this simple steps to add your payment pointer to coil.

Open GateHub account here and follow this instruction to get your payment pointer. dogatehub.jpg

Click here to open an uphold account and follow this instruction to get your payment pointer uphold.png

Add a meta tag to the head section of your content to hold your payment pointer. Without the meta tag in the head section of your document, your content will not be monetized. So make sure it is added property. Follow this Instruction to add a meta tag to your website or the head section of your content page.

For example the metra tag usually look like this <meta name="monetization" content="$"> ,

To Monetize your Youtube Channel Click here.

To Install, Configure and Monetize a WordPress site click here

And that is it, Your content is now monetized.

...some vital truths below:

You can monetize your blog, website, YouTube channel etc.

Open a wallet account on uphold or GateHub to receive payment.

Get your payment pointer.

Sign up for a free coil account. You don't need to have membership subscription to monetized, but it's better you have so that you can support others too.

Make sure you properly add your payment pointer to the head section of your article/content or install the plugin properly.

Use the coil browser extension to confirm if your content is been monetized or you added your payment pointer properly. You can reach me on Twitter for further assistance.

You Will likely need the Coil browser extension(for chrome, edge, firefox desktop ) or Puma browser(for mobile phone) to fully enjoy the experience of web monetization. Install the browser extension here: Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Brave Browser

Download Puma browser from your apps store.


You can read more about this on Web Monetization Website.

For Information, reach me on Twitter

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